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Welcome! My name is Clare Myatt and I am a somatic coach and psychotherapist, trained in the US and UK.

Check out the links below and then take the next step - call or email to set up a time for an obligation free conversation. I am one of those fortunate people who loves what they do and I truly look forward to connecting with you to explore the possibilities ahead.

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Breathe for grounding

There's a lot of buzz about resilience at the moment. For good reason, it's an essential component of surviving and thriving as a human being: survival of the fittest and all that. So when my colleague Tom Dillon asked some questions about resilience in support of his masters degree research, I thought I'd share my answers with him here as well.

How to choose a therapist

Dr. Elaine Aron

Choosing the right therapist for you is a significant step on the journey toward healing, recovery or personal growth. I say this from experience, personal experience. I've been fortunate to work with a handful of skilled clinicians over the years who have in turn supported, encouraged, cajoled and guided me, as befitted my need at the time. They all came with a personal recommendation from someone who knew us both, so initial trust was easy to transfer, and we were a good fit.